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Brendan Keigwin
30 December
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After some confusion about Brendan's beliefs and magical style, I am posting a link to a site which covers the basics of Asatru, the religion from which I get most of Brendan's beliefs. Please refer to this should you have any questions, or send me a message! Asatru-U

~I realize some of the links are broken. I have copies of what was on those pages. Give me a few days to get them on an html file and posted on my webspace.

Name: Brendan Keigwin or officially, Lord Dorchester
Age: 337
DOB: December 30, 1672
Race: Vampire Mage
PB: Oded Fehr

Description: He is 5’10”, lean, and though he is fit, he is not built like a weightlifter. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Generally, he wears expensive dark suits tailored to his lean frame. When in private or in his home, he wears a leather glove on his right hand. He wears a large silver ring on his left hand featuring a skull with ruby eyes. The band is shaped like bones.

He is easily annoyed. He doesn’t need a good reason to be short with someone, and when given a good reason, he goes with it. He is also easily bored. He’ll set a shadow to spy on someone just to give himself something to do. He is hungry for knowledge and power.

Likes: Music, reading, long walks by moonlight, interrogating souls he’s stolen for knowledge, hiding in shadows and thus witnessing things he shouldn’t, new things

Dislikes: Having to drink blood (…and actually enjoying it), sunlight, shadows (not the most intelligent beings), stolen souls arguing with him, just about anything else irritating.

Abilities: (Writer begs forgiveness at the long list. She wanted to be able to refer back later, instead of just making magical junk up out of her head.)

1. Shadows: He is able to create and command shadows, sending them away from their source as messengers or spies. Under his control, the shadows are able to speak very softly and repeat messages or what they’ve seen. The shadows do not like light and will not enter sunlight or brightly lit rooms. The shadows can also be commanded to conceal objects or people.

2. Souls: He is able to steal the souls of the dying. He has gems that he stores the souls in. He never keeps more than six at a time. He is able to read the souls in gems like a book, using their knowledge for his benefit. He generally keeps records of important knowledge from the gems, so that he can refer back once he’s released the soul. Even if he’s not keeping a soul, he can examine it while its owner is about to die. This ability also lets him sense the emotions of those around him.

3. Illusion: He is able to alter his appearance superficially, either in whole or in part, appearing to be someone whose soul he has stolen. This alters his appearance and his voice, not his aura or his thoughts. The illusion also does not alter him physically. Someone touching him would feel no difference between his true appearance and the illusion.

4. Death: With the proper ritual, he can raise a dead human as a zombie loyal to him. It takes time and effort and is not done on a whim. The zombies remain loyal servants until he puts them back, though they rot as if they were still dead and they are sensitive to sunlight, just like vampires. He can heal undead flesh, or rot living or undead flesh. (How much damage this does to a PC vampire is up to the mun, it can be healed so quickly it does little damage, or it can cause major damage) The farther he slips into becoming a vampire, the harder it is for him to raise zombies. He lost the ability to heal living flesh when the ritual was performed. He still curses that loss, as it was one that kept him moderately safe.

5. Immortality: In a ritual three hundred years ago, he sacrificed the flesh of his right hand, along with vampire and virgin blood, in order to gain the immortality that vampires enjoy without the side effects. It did not go according to plan and he is slowly turning into a vampire. (Transformation to be completed when he is “killed” or after a set number of years, the writer is open to allowing the muse to die and become a true vampire) He gets migraines in sunlight, and also tends to burn very easy. After his 300th birthday, he grew fangs and found it necessary to drink a little blood in order to keep his youth. His right hand is skeletal. When in private, or around his home, he wears a black leather glove over it. When in public, he uses an illusion to make it appear normal.

6. Magic: In the manner of a pagan priest, most of his magic not listed above is achieved through rituals at a stone altar in his manor. He is very good with magic involving shadow, death, and souls, but not very good at other brands of magic. He is unable to do any magic related to healing living tissue or making things grow.

Weaknesses: He is immortal, but still possesses all the frailty and weaknesses of humanity. Magic drains him. Performing a ritual, such as to raise a zombie, will render him very weak for the night. He is not physically strong, and relies on both magic and technology to protect himself. He is slowly turning into a vampire. He has fangs and must drink a little blood once a week to maintain his youth. He is slowly developing more of an appetite for blood, which disgusts him. He is sensitive to sunlight. He gets migraines and burns easily. His right hand is skeletal, and though it still moves, it does not have the fine motor control to perform delicate tasks.

History: Brendan Keigwin was born in southern England in 1672. Power ran in his family, though it generally skipped a generation. His grandfather was a powerful mage, and he taught Brendan what he could. Brendan learned a lot of theory from his grandfather, though he could not learn much actual magic. His grandfather’s talent was more suited to living and shaping fate, while Brendan’s was much darker.

When he was twenty, he set off to explore Europe, eventually ending up in the libraries of Eastern Europe, where he found books written by ancient mages. He learned much of his magic there, in Eastern Europe. He even learned the ritual that was supposed to grant immortality. He botched the ritual when he performed it, and though he was granted immortality, he is slowly turning into a vampire.

When he returned to England, his grandfather had died, and his father was on his deathbed. Brendan oversaw the family estate, eventually gaining ownership of it ten years later when his mother died. He never married, and he kept to himself. It was during the first hundred years of his life here that he realized how badly he botched the immortality ritual.

He comes to LA from his estate in England on one of his normal disappearances, so those around him do not suspect his immortality. He also hopes to find a way to reverse the vampiric side effects of the immortality ritual. He has tried many times, each time making the process jump forward instead of back. He continues to try in hope that he can regain the power to heal living flesh and regain easy summoning of zombies, as it is now very difficult for him.

Note: His official title is Earl of Dorchester. His grandfather was given the title and it passed to Brendan through his father. Brendan would technically be the 3rd Earl of Dorchester, but to keep people from becoming suspicious, he is listed as the 11th Earl of Dorchester. His estate, in Dorset, consists of a 14th century castle and 50 acres of land, 45 of it devoted to vineyards. The wine used to be sold mostly through local merchants and the internet, but with Brendan's move to LA, the castle was opened to tourists and the wine can be found in the gift shop as well. Brendan left a handful of very reliable humans in charge of his estate, and he keeps a close eye on it.

EDIT: November 2009: As of November, Brendan is no longer human. He was "killed" during a ritual on his property in England and the transformation to vampire was completed. His magic comes easier to him now that his body isn't constantly fighting the vampiric infection. He is also able to interact with all manner of dead, including ghosts, around him. One major side effect of this is that his zombies crave blood now. They are not trustworthy around normal humans at all.

About his type of vampirism:

He is the "classic" movie-Dracula type of vampire. Namely, the mun got ideas from both Bram stoker and P. N. Elrod. (No copyright infringement is intended)

1. He "dies" at dawn and does not reawaken until sunset. He requires a quantity of his home earth to rest in, otherwise he wakes even weaker and more tired than he was at dawn. His body is truly dead at dawn. No manner of noise, shaking, or even danger will wake him while the sun is up and his flesh is cool to the touch.

2. He is stronger and faster than a human. In a fight, it seems as if others moving at normal speed are moving extremely slow. As Van Helsing said of Dracula, his strength could be equivalent to 20 men. Still, he is not fond of fighting and will avoid it in favor of using magic to defend himself. His senses are keener than a human's. His sense of smell is keen enough to smell the blood of a human in the same room as him. He can hear people moving about in nearby rooms. His night-vision is very good, and with a light source he can see very well. Naturally, this has its downsides as well. Bright lights, noise, and strong smells overwhelm him.

3. His body, even at night, is truly dead. He does not breathe, except to speak. His heart does not beat, though his blood is warm while he is awake. All manner of food and drink is repulsive to him and the smell is enough to make him ill.

4. He must drink human blood. No other blood will suffice, and bagged blood (such as from a blood bank) will not suffice either. His body requires the living blood in order to function. Working magic, exerting himself physically, or sustaining damage all increase his hunger. Despite having lived with a thirst for blood for many years, he was unprepared for the bloodthirst and thus his control is imperfect at best. The smell of blood is enough to make his fangs extend and make him hungry. The sight of it is much like waving a glass of water under the nose of a man dying of thirst. He will likely lose control. His zombies inherit this thirst (they crave the blood, but their bodies don't require it, thus he doesn't HAVE to feed them, they just want it), and thus they are not trustworthy around normal humans as they once were.

5. His body heals quicker than a human's. Minor injuries may heal rather quickly, while more serious injuries (such as a broken bone or a gunshot wound) may take only a few nights to mend. The downside is that if he doesn't feed more during this time, the healing slows and he is driven nearly insane with hunger.

6. Shapeshifting - The mun decided to go with only ONE of Dracula's forms, a mist form. This mist form is difficult to see, though not impossible (much like a light fog can be hard to see for itself, but you notice the effects, reduced visibility, cold, wet, etc). He cannot see in this form and his hearing and touch are distorted.

7. He must be invited into another person's home before he can enter it. Note, this only applies to homes, apartments, etc, and not the grounds or building around it, though he will feel unwelcome if the home is one he is not allowed into. Once he is invited in, he may come and go as he pleases. (Invitations given to him directly over the phone suffice. Invitations relayed through others, such as his servants, do not)

8. A wooden stake through his heart will paralyze and eventually kill him. Decapitation will kill him, as will fire and sunlight. (Garlic is no more repulsive than any other food, and holy objects hold no power over him.) His body is sensitive to wood (a good club upside the head is enough to knock him out for a bit). Immersion in running water (basically anything bigger and less tame than a swimming pool) will weaken and eventually kill him.

9. He has no reflection, and not just in mirrors. Puddles, glass, just about anything reflective. Cameras record a ghostly image that is barely recognizable.

*This journal is purely for RP purposes. The character is an Original Character by Jessica Arnold. Please contact her at aerrin@gmail.com before using. The photos of Oded Fehr are from fan sites and are used only as illustration for the character's looks*